Special Benefits for Practices with 100% MVMA Membership!

Are all the veterinarians in your practice MVMA members?  Take advantage of all the ways the MVMA can help you - join today!

"Cost of Compassion" Brochure

Do you struggle with clients not understanding why certain veterinary services and procedures cost what they do? If so, take advantage of MVMA’s new Cost of Compassion brochure. Members may request an initial supply free of charge. Clinics with 100% veterinarian membership can request a free supply every year. Additional copies may be purchased at MVMA’s cost. Contact us at mvma@michvma.org or 517/347-4710.  

 Pet Insurance Guide

Do you know how to respond when clients ask about pet health insurance?  If not, take advantage of MVMA's new brochure called, "Pet Insurance: A Guide to Selecting the Best Insurance for Your Pet". It will help yous clients understand a variety of insurance issues such as:

  • Why they should consider pet health insurance?  What types of coverage are available?  Where to find good pet insurance providers?  What questions to ask providers before purchasing insurance?

Answers to these are more questions are in this new brochure. Members can receive an initial supply free of charge. Additional quantities may be purchased at MVMA's cost. If you are a practice with 100% membership you can receive a free supply each year. Contact us at mvma@michvma.org or 517/347-3710 and we'll send you out your shipment of this great brochure!

Learn Before You Leap

Your clients pet ownership experience will be much more enjoyable if they have an understanding of potential responsibilities.

The "Learn Before You Leap into Pet Ownership" brochure is a great way to help them do this! Members receive an initial supply free of charge.

Contact us at mvma@michvma.org or 517/347-4710 for more information.

Free Client Satisfaction Surveys

Let the MVMA save you time and money by providing you with valuable client feedback for FREE. We will provide you with surveys to hand out at the conclusion of appointments, and will collect and tally the information to be presented in an electronic format for FREE as a thank you to 100% member clinics.  As an added benefit positive feedback is featured here as well as on MVMA's Facebook and Twitter pages! Contact us at mvma@michvma.org to sign up for this valuable member benefit.

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