The Michigan Veterinary Medical Association works statewide to promote the standards, science, practice and value of veterinary medicine for the benefit of animal and human health. It strives to improve the business and work environment for veterinarians and advocates for and is the public voice of veterinary medicine in Michigan.
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Press Release Contact Information

Karlene Belyea, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Michigan Veterinary Medical Association
2144 Commons Parkway
Okemos, MI 48864
Amy Morris
Public Relations Representative
Martin Waymire Advocacy Communications
426 West Ottawa Street
Lansing, MI 48933

MVMA Press Relseases & News Items

July 2, 2012 Animal Medicine on Display at Michigan Fairs
May 24, 2011 SAMY is Coming! Animal Medicine on Display at Michigan Fairs
May 20, 2011 MVMA Veterinarian Saves State Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker's Puppy
March 10, 2009 Which Dog Breed is Right for You?
August 11, 2008 Stem Cell Therapy for Dogs: it’s Real and it’s Here
May 16, 2008 MVMA on Dog Parks: a Blessing & a Curse
November 29, 2007 Importance of Food Animals & Public Health
November 17, 2007 MRSA Infections Can be Transmitted to Pets
October 17, 2007 Record Rabies Increase in Michigan
October 10, 2007 Celebrate National Pet Wellness Month
August 6, 2007 The Importance of Pet Emergency Preparedness
June 8, 2007 Traveling With Your Pet
May 8, 2007 SART Introduced in Michigan
May 1, 2007  Celebrate National Pet Week 
April 12, 2007  Your Clients & Pet Health Insurance 
March 10, 2007  Explore Careers in Veterinary Medicine 
February 7, 2007  Celebrate Pet Dental Health Month 
January 10, 2007  Recognize the Importance of Animal Fitness

MVMA Sound Bites

Anne Hale, DVM Zoonotic Diseases 
  Veterinarians and Public Health 
  Transfusion Medicine 
  Transfusion Medicine and Blood Banks 
Paula Rode, DVM Traveling with your Pet 
  Care for your Pet While on Vacation 
Mary Seager, DVM Traveling with your Pet: Factors to Consider 
  Preparing your Pet for a Road Trip 
  Preparing your Pet for Plane Travel 
Stephen Steep, DVM Emergency Preparedness and your Pet 
  Organizing a Pet Evacuation Kit 
  Emergency Preparedness Prep: Cats vs. Dogs 
  Livestock Emergency Preparedness or Evacuation 
  The Importance of Emergency Preparedness and your Pet 



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