Relief Veterinarians Available

Deborah Baron (Allen), DVM

(MSU 98, MVMA Member) SA relief, SE Michigan. Emergency/critical care, general medicine, soft tissue surgery, ultrasound, exotics. Excellent patient care, client communication and records. Will follow practice guidelines.

Norman Bayne, DVM, MS

(MSU 81, MVMA Member) SA Relief work in SE Michigan area. Will travel. Friendly, excellent client communications skills.

Kirsten Begin, DVM

(MSU 09, MVMA member) SA Relief in Grand Rapids/surrounding areas. Will travel. Friendly, excellent client-communication. References. Completed rotating and surgical internships.

Sharisse Berk, DVM

(MSU 95, MVMA Member) Available for SA relief or part-time work in Southeast MI.

Rhonda Bierl, DVM

(MSU 00, MVMA Member) SA/Emergency relief within 1 hr of Highland.  General medicine/Soft tissue surgery/ultrasound experience.  

Archie Black, DVM
(MSU 83, MVMA Member) SA relief, entire state. Practice owner for 20 years. Excellent communicator.

Laurie Brush, DVM 

(MSU 98, MVMA Member) Experienced, SA Relief in Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. Excellent client communication, record keeping.

Tama Cathers, DVM

(NCSU 96, MVMA Member) Experienced SA relief work / short term / PT wi 60 miles Plainwell/Kalamazoo. Positive attitude, friendly, fitting into your practice.

Aimee Cochell, DVM

(Ross 01, MVMA Member) Available for SA relief in Grand Rapids area. Willing to travel. Good client communication skills. References.

Kenneth Corino, DVM

(MSU 94, MVMA Member) Small animal relief work. SE Michigan, medicine and surgery.

Nichole Corner, DVM

(MSU 99, MVMA Member) Small animal relief work in Grand Rapids & Kalamazoo area. Excellent client communication skills. References.

Jennifer M. Dec, DVM

(MSU 04, MVMA Member) Small animal general practice and emergency relief. Surgery, ultrasound, and excellent communication skills,

Susan Drapek, DVM, CVA

(MSU 90, MVMA Member) Available within two hours of Lansing. Relief experience since 1997. Small animal medicine, surgery and acupuncture.

Ronan Eustace, DVM

(WCVM 10, MVMA Member)
SA/emergency, available within 2 hours of Lansing. Friendly, excellent client-communication. References. Completed rotating internship, worked ER/shelter medicine last two years. 

Marj Field, DVM
(MSU 90, MVMA Member) SA/exotic/emergency relief work in southeastern Michigan. Excellent client service, comfortable surgeon, high ACT and able to multitask. Extend travel can be negotiated. mailto:

Edward Greene, DVM

(MSU 59, MVMA Member) SA relief. Competent medical/surgical skills. Cheerful interactions with your clients and staff. Your practice procedures adhered to.

Lisa Harris, DVM

(MSU 89, MVMA Member) Available for relief in Grand Rapids/Lakeshore area. Experienced SA medicine and surgery, avian, exotics. Friendly, good communicator.

Jill Haver-Crissman, DVM
989/631-2790 or 989/297-8594

(Ontario 80, MVMA Member) SA relief or part-time. Medicine, soft tissue surgery, ultrasound. Works well with others. Not available Wednesdays.

Sean D. Hughes, DVM
517/552-0993 or 734/674-7061

(MSU 76, MVMA Member) SE Michigan SA relief since 1999. Part-time. Prefer SE; will travel for right circumstances.

Cindy Kalicki, DVM

(MSU 94, MVMA Member) Eight years full-time, two years relief in SA general medicine/soft tissue surgery. SE MI, part-time or relief. 

Charlotte Kim, DVM

(MSU 08, MVMA Member) SA relief work in SE Michigan. Soft tissue surgery and medicine. Friendly and dependable.

Joan Koelzer, DVM

(MSU 85, MVMA Member) SA medicine and surgery, single-day relief, Grand Rapids/Wet Michigan. Skilled in difficult spay and neuters.

Delta Leeper, DVM

(MSU 03, MVMA Member) Part-time or relief, SE Michigan. Cats and dogs only; medicine, dentistry, routine surgeries. Internship trained, good communicator, team player.

Mike Lin, DVM
269/743-7770 or 269/348-1145

(MSU 97, MVMA Member) SA part-time or relief work in Kalamazoo/Grand Rapids and surrounding areas. Surgery, general medicine and emergency experience. Excellent client communication skills.

Valerie Mahoney, DVM

(Illinois 03, MVMA Member)
SA relief in SE Michigan, including Saturdays and Sundays. Strong surgical skills, high medical standards. Enjoy working with clients. References available.

Richard M. Mieczkowski, DVM

(MSU 71, MVMA Member) Relief, experience, competent, dependable, small-animal, references, North Oakland County and vicinity.

Denise Jorgensen Montagna, DVM

(CSU 90, MVMA member) SA relief or part-time in western Michigan. Excellent client relations. References.

Peggy Newman, DVM

(MSU 75, MVMA Member) 32 year Mid-Michigan practice owner. SA medicine and surgery. Seeking relief work in Mid and West Michigan.

Christine Parker, DVM

(MSU 88, MVMA Member) Available for SA relief or short term. Experienced and dependable. References. Will travel.

Kris Parnell, DVM

(MSU 91, MVMA Member) Available for SA relief or part-time. Will travel 1 hour of Lansing area. References.

Patricia Partridge, DVM

(MSU 70, MVMA member) SA relief, PT or FT. Former practice owner. Based in Traverse City and Big Rapids, willing to travel.

Amy Peck, DVM

(MSU 97, MVMA Member) Available for relief in West MI/Grand Rapids/Lakeshore area. SA general medicine. Excellent communication skills, experienced and reliable.

Jeffrey F. Powers, DVM

(MSU 80, MVMA Member) Available to provide SA/MX relief work in Michigan, practice owner for 29 years.

Ann-Marie Sekerak, DVM
(ILL 05, MVMA Member) SA relief or PT, within 1 hour of Ann Arbor. Positive attitude, excellent patient care and client communication.

Teri Sexton, DVM
517/231-1256 Cell, 517/371-2930 Home

(MSU 92, MVMA Member) SA/PT work w/in 1 hour of Lansing. Can make your clients and staff feel at ease. Strengths: dermatology, soft tissue surgery.

Jennifer Sherrill, DVM

(UICVM 01, MVMA Member) SA relief PT. 9 years experience. General medicine/surgery. Excellent client care. W. MI/Grand Rapids. Willing to travel. References.

Alan Sibinic, DVM
734/481-1901 or 231/547-6212

(MSU 75, MVMA Member) Relief or part-time anywhere in Michigan. Flexible, wide-variety practice experience. 5+ years relief work. References. SA/EQ/FA

Margaret Sudekum, DVM

(MSU 89, MVMA Member) Available for part-time SA relief work in Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. Good client communication skills.

Alan Supp, DVM
616/732-1263 [Daytime Only] or 616/874-4171 [Evening]

(MSU 90, MVMA Member) Companion animal practitioner available Saturday’s only, as-needed basis in the greater Grand Rapids area.

Connie R. Sveller, DVM

(MSU 85, MVMA Member) SA relief work within 1 hour of Flint. Experienced/reliable/former practice owner (16 years).

Andrea Switch, DVM

(MSU 84, MVMA Member) Available for part-time or relief work. Small animal general medicine/soft tissue surgery in southeastern Michigan.

Nicholas Urbanek, DVM

(Glasgow 09, MVMA Member) SA/Emergency relief and part-time work within 2 hours of Lansing. Internship trained, great client communication and records, compassionate.

Jacqueline Walsh, DVM

(MSU 89, MVMA Member) Available for SA relief work in the greater Detroit area.

Amy Wildrose, DVM

(MSU 00, MVMA Member) Experienced, proficient, dependable, and convivial. Available for SA relief or part-time. Based in Lansing. Willing to travel.

Georgia Wilson, DVM

(ILL 92, MVMA Member) 19 Years experience SA, Pet Exotics and Emergencies, licensed. Available immediately for Oakland County & Southeast Michigan.

Jennifer Zablotny, DVM

(MSU 97, MVMA Member) Experienced SA relief for SE and mid-Michigan. References.

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